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The always changing weather in North Shore and Northwest Suburbs and need for tightly sealed homes can bring on concerns regarding Indoor Air Quality. The dry winter air and humid summer heat as well as mold, pollen, dust, and dander can significantly affect the comfort and safety of your home. These factors can have an impact on the longevity, reliability and efficiency of your home HVAC equipment. The team at R.H. Witt Heating & Sheet Metal has the solution.

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R.H. Witt Heating & Sheet Metal can help you determine specific issues with indoor air quality through modern testing procedures and offer customized recommendations. Our professional team of experienced technicians are happy to assist you and explain options in resolving any problem. R.H. Witt Heating & Sheet Metal provides proven solutions, expert installation, and trusted air quality services throughout Glenview, Northbrook, Highland Park, Glencoe, Winnetka, and Wilmette, IL.

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