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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services for North Shore and Northwest Suburbs

R.H. Witt Heating & Sheet Metal creates custom fabricated ductwork onsite for our HVAC installations. Whether your home or office is a new construction, or 100 years old, your R.H. Witt ductwork will deliver exceptional heating and cooling throughout your building.

Comprehensive Sheet Metal Construction

Combining our sheet metal fabrication and HVAC services under one roof, R.H. Witt installation teams can work seamlessly, knowing the curves and various dimensions of your building are calculated into the ductwork fitting. This means less air leakage and less ductwork overall. At R.H. Witt, we maintain there is no need for ductwork to wind around attic joists unnecessarily, wasting your high-quality, conditioned air. Our sheet metal experts also create fittings such as elbows, dampers, collars, register cans, register boots, and vents to ensure your HVAC delivery system is airtight. We also offer air conditioning, electrical and indoor air quality services, call today!

To learn more about R.H. Witt Heating and Sheet Metal, call our Glenview office at (847) 724-1690.

Metal Fabrication & Sheet Metal Fabrication in Glenview, IL

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